About The Digital Social

Where it all started and why we do it. Hint: it’s not just for the beer.

It all started with… “We need to catch up for a beer.”

A catch up was long overdue for Nathan and Chris. They are great mates, in the same city and loved hearing each other’s digital war stories. That beer was always hard to line up. Next Friday it was happening. And hey, while we’re doing it, why don’t we invite our network to see who wants to join us? 6pm at a Milton brewery. Posted online. Event organised. 70 people turn up and the Digital Social is born.

We now host three events a year with awesome guest speakers. They are always free to attend – supported by our amazing partners.

The Digital Social is for you, the Brisbane digital community, to own. We’re not professional event organisers and don’t make any money from it. We want to connect the best minds. We want to share successful stories. We want to have some fun while we do it.

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