August 1, 2019

The Digital Social featuring Une Piece and Bailey Nelson

New venue. Same awesome Digital Social. 🤟

We loved our new venue of The Transcontinental Hotel. We had a whole floor to ourselves, a beautiful balcony and unlimited space! It added up to perfect drinking, ahem, networking weather.

Our first very special guest was Scott Triana from Bailey Nelson. Scott shared with us how he took the leap from being one fo the first employees at The Iconic to start what is now a leading disrupter in the eyewear industry. We also touched on the role of physical stores in new retail, how to create consistent experiences across channels and what true loyalty looks like. Oh, and ask him about his commitment tattoo! A fantastic story about taking the opportunities when they come and working your butt off to make them work.

Following Scott was the wonderful Carly Brown, founder of Une Piece. Carly shared with us her journey from leading marketing at corporates such as Coca Cola, Uber, Revlon and Domino’s through to making her decision to make rashies sexy. We covered a range of topics from her mission to empower women to how she understands her customers to why she loves Russell Brand’s podcast. We loved Carly’s raw honesty and brutal war stories. Just don’t send her quiche.

I wish we could tell you more but you kind of had to be there. And we’re a little fuzzy still.

We want to send out a really special thanks to Vivo Group who have come on board as one of The Digital Social Partners. They are responsible for building us this brilliant new site. We now move up to semi-professional weight group. If you are after a digital agency who can design a solution to meet your specific needs, contact Georgia and the team.

As always, thanks to our event partners, 12HIGH, troocoo, Wrappt and Vivo Group. This motley crew band together to create the event and keep it free for all.

The next event will be our Christmas Social in early November, late December. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to secure your spot before everyone else. It will be a big one. See you then! 🍻

PS. If you liked what you saw at The Transcontinental, contact the team and mention The Digital Social. They can do a great deal for your next event or function.